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What is The Daily inSANITY Checkin?

You be you (unless you are a disrespectful jerkface)

The Daily inSANITY Checkin is a safe place for people to be people. We meet every morning at 9am Central and we just visit. 

We invest in each other. Some days we'll talk about the latest news, somedays we'll talk about some super cool technology, and somedays we'll be all over the place. Who knows?

We come here for support. We come here for safety. We come here for help. We come here because we want to. We come here to love.

People come and go as they please. What started as just an idea has become family to some of us. We've got people from most walks of life who drop in, spend a little time, and go on their away (hopefully) better off for it. Some come back, some don't, and some rarely leave.

We ONLY have two rules.

  1. Be yourself.

  2. Be respectful.

That's it.

Come hang out! You might make a friend (or six).


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