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Daily inSANITY Slack Channel

This is the place we go to talk throughout the week. Lots of cool channels, including book suggestions, CISSP mentorship, "keeping-it-real", "links-from-daily-webcall", "movie-and-media-suggestions", "wellness-yoga", etc.

This is not a public group, so come join us to get access.

The weekly live show with Chris Roberts, Ryan Cloutier, and Evan Francen. The show is half entertainment, half rant, half deep thinking, half infosec, and half therapy.

Wait. How many halves is that?

Shit, whatever. You get the picture.


Our mission is to educate tech professionals about the unique mental health risks faced by those in our field – and often by the people who we share our lives with – and provide guidance on reducing their effects and better manage the triggering causes.

We also aim at providing support services to those who may be susceptible to related mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, social isolation, eating disorders, etc.

Please understand that we do not provide counseling or therapy services. While there are no medical professionals on our board, we regularly consult with them on content and recommendations for training, phrasing, and information sources.